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How do I complete the Tap skills tests in my Music course?


Among the interactive applets that appear in the Practice Room, the Tap tests have several special aspects that must be considered.

1. The metronome first clicks 4 times, regardless of the time signature (duple or triple).

2. The next beat after the four clicks is when the "z" key is used to tap in the requested rhythm.

3. There is no sound during this tapping.

4. The computer measures only the beginning of each note. It is not necessary to hold down the "z" key for the full duration of each note.

5. The natural tendency is to speed up while tapping. Try to hold the tempo the same as the metronome.

6. If the metronome is not even, then your service provider may not be sending the information in time, which means your tapping may also not be sent in real time. For this reason, these tap tests are not recorded for a grade. Each student is expected to report back to the instructor about how he or she did on a particular tap test.

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