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What are the recommended browser settings for using Moodle on my computer?



Cookies setting

1.  Go to "Tools" on the Menu bar.

2.  Select "Options" from the list.

3.  Select the "Privacy" tab.

4.  Under "History Firefox will:" select the option "Use custom setting."

5.  Make sure there is a checkmark in the box in front of the phrase "Accept cookies from sites."

6.  Click on "OK."


To allow pop-ups setting

1. Go to "Tools" on the Menu bar.

2.  Select "Options" from the list.

3. Select the "Content" tab.

4. Make sure there is a checkmark in front of the phrase "Block pop-up windows."

5. Click on the button labeled "Exceptions."

6. Type or paste "" under "Address of web site" and then click on "Allow."

7. The address will move to be displaying in a listing of sites that will allow pop-ups.

8. Click on "Close" and then click on "OK."


To change Java settings

1. Go to "Tools" on the Menu bar.

2. Select "Options" from the list.

3. Click on "Add-ons" and the Add-ons window will open.

4. Select the Plugins panel (from choices that appear on the left side of the screen).

5. Scroll down until you find Java(TM) Platform with a version number next to it.

6. To the right, make sure it is set to "Always Activate."

7. Shut down your browser and clear your recent history (so that old files don't get loaded) and try again.

FOR WINDOWS USERS with Internet Explorer:

Cookies setting

Cookies - Tools > Internet Options > Security > Set "Security levels for this zone" to Medium-high.

Allow pop-ups Tools > Internet Options > Privacy >Put a checkmark in the "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" checkbox > Click Settings > Type "" under "Address of website to allow"




Pop-up blockers - Firefox > Preferences > Content >Put a checkmark in the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox > Click Exceptions > Type "" under "Address of web site"

Java - Firefox > Preferences > Content > Ensure "Enable Javascript" is selected.


Safari 5.x or later

Cookies - Safari > Preferences > Security > Select either "Always" or "Only from site you navigate to."

Pop-ups - Safari >Preferences > Security > Ensure "Block pop-up widows" is NOT checked.

Java - Safari >Preferences > Security > Check "Enable Java" and check "Enable Javascript."

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