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How do I locate and install the Interactive Player for my Music course on my computer?


Here's the direct link to the webpage where the software is located,


Please download the software you need based on your course, your type of computer, and possibly the ISBN for your course. Make sure you save the downloaded file to a location you can remember. It is a compressed file that will need to be expanded before you can launch it. Once the file is expanded, an icon will appear on your desktop so that you can launch the software.


If you have downloaded the Interactive Player on a Windows PC, you will need to start WinZip. Please follow the steps below:

1.  Find the located of your saved Zip file.

2.  Select "Open" or double-click and Winzip will launch on your computer. 

3.  The file name should appear underneath the "Name" column in Winzip

4.   Select where you want to save the player, preferably on your computer desktop.

5.  Click on the name of the file and then select "Extract" or "Unzip."

6.  A red and white icon will appear on your desktop with one of the following names:
     a.  For Music Appreciation, it will be named MegillMusicApp.
     b.  For History of Rock, it will be named RockPlayer.
     c.  For History of Jazz, it will be named JazzOnline.
     d.  For World Music, it will be named WorldPlayer. 

7.  Click on the icon and interactive player will start. Eventually information on the CDs will appear on the left side.

8. Select the piece you want to listen to. You may have to scroll up and down using the up/down arrows to find the piece you want. Information about the piece will appear on the right.

9. Insert the matching CD is in your drive (the player will not work without the matching CD; it will not launch from iTunes).

10.  Click on the green ">" on the left to start the piece. As the piece plays. the information regarding each section will be highlighted on the right side of screen.  

11. Use the square "□" to stop, use the "^" (or up arrow) to eject the cd, use "≤" to rewind, and use "≥" to fast forward.

12. Use the links on the left to either go the glossary or back to the menu of music. 


NOTE: Mac users will need to launch the disk image, which should have been saved to your Downloads folder, to install the software. Some of the instructions above will also apply (starting at step 7).

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